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What is at stake?

An integrated individual-centered solution to evaluate seniors level of autonomy and provide an opportunity for personal care givers to benefit from quality time with their beloved ones and for professional care providers to better coordinate interventions.

Our Key Features


Benefit from a self-paced and incremental evaluation of your level autonomy by answering simple questions and taking some basic tests


Get access to a full range of personalised recommendations based on your level of autonomy and  leverage professional care providers insights and personal caregivers suggestions.


Get access to your autonomy score and your environment score. Get a full perspective on the different dimensions impacting your score, check evolution and compare with peers.


Communicate privately with your personal caregivers and professional care providers to facilitate interactions, reduce isolation and improve long distance relationship.

Like No Other, Our Approach

Holistic View

Because autonomy is about interactions between an individual and his environment we designed Apticity as an application evaluating all relevant dimensions facilitating decisions to be made to improve seniors level of autonomy.

Senior Centered

We created Apticity to allow seniors to take control of their ageing. This is the reason why they are at the center of the ecosystem. We make it simple to perform a self-evaluation and we facilitate interactions with their environment.


We decided to make it an iterative process in order to facilitate access to first insights. Tests will be suggested over time to make more informed choices. Environment may change. Autonomy score will reflect it in real time.

Artificial Intelligence

We integrated incremental machine learning mechanisms in our application in order to constantly improve the performance of our algorithm and make it directly available to our users.

You’re a senior ?

You’re a caregiver ?

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Our Values



We believe in the active contribution of senior people to our Society. We want them to remain autonomous.





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Better Ageing is Our Mission

Apticity has been thought to make WHO decade of healthy ageing a reality

You’re a senior ?

You’re a caregiver ?

You’re a care provider ?